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dotAfrica Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SteerCom) is built on a multi-stakeholder model and comprises a diverse grouping of individuals and organisations that participate on a voluntary basis. The SteerCom has been established to provide leadership and oversight over both the application process and the launch of the dotAfrica TLD, as well as to provide a vehicle through which the broader African community may participate in the dotAfrica project. The SteerCom is also the precursor to the dotAfrica Foundation that will oversee various developmental projects and initiatives relating to the African Internet and domain name industries.

"Members of the dotAfrica Steering Committee have been selected by the African Internet community and consist of African Internet experts, Country Code managers, Registrars and other volunteers who have a shared vision of a better Internet for Africa. Africa’s new top-level domain (dotAfrica) will be utilised as a mechanism to promote the development of Africa’s Internet services and ecosystem, and to showcase African pride, identity and know-how." Mohamed El Bashir - Chairperson, dotAfrica SteerCom
  • dotAfrica - Mohamed El Bashir

    Mohamed El Bashir

    • Chairperson
    • Sudan
    • User Community
  • dotAfrica - Mary Uduma

    Mary Uduma

    • NIRA
    • Nigeria
    • ccTLD Community
  • dotAfrica - Vika Mpisane

    Vika Mpisane

    • ZADNA
    • South Africa
    • ccTLD Community
  • dotAfrica - Neil Dundas

    Neil Dundas

    • DNS Africa
    • South Africa
    • Registry Operations
  • dotAfrica - Simla Budhu

    Simla Budhu

    • ZACR
    • South Africa
    • Registry Operations
  • dotAfrica - Mohamed Tijani BEN JEMAA

    Mohamed Tijani BEN JEMAA

    • Tunisia
    • User Community
  • dotAfrica - Moses Bayingana

    Moses Bayingana

    • AUC
    • African Union
    • Government
  • dotAfrica - Barrack Otieno

    Barrack Otieno

    • AFTLD
    • Kenya
    • ccTLD Community
  • dotAfrica - Edmund Katiti

    Edmund Katiti

    • NEPAD e-Africa Programme
    • Uganda
    • Government
  • dotAfrica - Victor Ciza

    Victor Ciza

    • Burundi ccTLD Manager
    • Burundi
    • ccTLD Community
  • dotAfrica - Alioune Traore

    Alioune Traore

    • AFTLD
    • Mali
    • ccTLD Community
  • dotAfrica - Aboulfeth Hamza

    Aboulfeth Hamza

    • Genious Communications
    • Morocco
    • Registrar Community