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Reserved Name Redemption, Extensions and Deletion

(Click here for policy reference on Reserved Name Redemption, Extensions and Deletions)

The following section outlines

  • The process for how to Redeem names out of the RNL and into the DotAfrica DNS
  • The process for how to Extend the reservation period of names that are currently in the RNL
  • The process for how to Delete reserved names from the RNL

Reserved Name Redemption

(Click here for policy reference on Reserve Name Redemption)

"Redemption" of a reserved name refers to the process of taking it out of the RNL and introducing it into the DotAfrica DNS for use as a domain name.

Reserved names may be redeemed only while in the Reservation Period. The Reservation Period is any time from the inclusion of the name into the RNL, until the day the reservation expires.

The Redemption of reserved names is performed through the following process:

  1. Beneficiary must identify an Accredited Registrar to administer the management of the reserved name once it is redeemed into the DotAfrica DNS
  2. Beneficiary must instruct the Representative in due time (Prior to the expiration of the Reservation Period) to redeem the reserved name
  3. The Representative must mark the domain for Redemption by using the functionality provided in the RNL Portal
  4. Once marked for Redemption, the Moderator will move the reserved name into the default DotAfrica Registrar. This Registrar simply acts as a secure source for a smooth transition of the reserved name to becoming a domain name
  5. Once performed, the Moderator will notify the Beneficiary that the reserved name is now secured in the DotAfrica DNS and must be transfered to their choice of Accredited Registrar
  6. The Beneficiary must approach their chosen Accredited Registrar and request that the Accredited Registrar perform a Transfer Request for the domain name
  7. A successful transfer from the DotAfrica Registrar to the new Accredited Registrar ends the RNL Redemption Process

Once transferred into the sponsorship of the Acredited Registrar, the reserved name is now considered to be a domain name and is subject to the DotAfrica Registry Policy. The name will be marked as "redeemed" in the RNL for auditing purposes only.

Reserved Name Extensions

(Click here for policy reference on Reserved Name Extensions)

The extension of a reserved name refers to increasing its current Reservation Period beyond the time allotted. To extend a reserved name reservation a Representative must use the functionality of the RNL Portal to request an extension to the Reservation Period on behalf of the Beneficiary, and provide/upload the reasoning.

The Moderator will review the request as well as the provided reasoning and either accept or deny the extension of the Reservation period. Approved extensions will increase the Reservation Period by 12 months. This may only be performed once per reserved name. Denied extension requests will have no effect on the reserved name.

Reserved Name Deletion

(Click here for policy reference on Reserved Name Deletions)

Reserved names may be deleted from the RNL due to an of the following reasons:

  • Voluntary Deletion: The Representative has requested that the reserved name be deleted, providing written consent from the Beneficiary through the RNL Portal
  • Expiration: The Reservation Period lapses and the reserved name enters the Deletion Process

The Deletion Process refers to the steps that the Moderator will implemnt to safely, securely and in a transparent manner delete a reserved name from the RNL.

The Deletion Process is as follows:

  1. Reserved Name status will be changed to "pending deletion". The Pending Deletion Period commences, running a total of ten (10) consecutive days
  2. The Beneficiary and Representative will be notified that the name has entered the Pending Deletion phase, via their respective emails
  3. After five (5) days from the initiation of the Deletion Process, if the process has not been stopped, a secondary notice will be sent to the Beneficiary and Representative indicating that the reserved name will be deleted from the RNL in five (5) days
  4. On expiry of the Deletion Period (10 consecutive days from initiation of the period) the reserved name will be removed from the RNL. The name will now have a status of "deleted"

At any point during the Deletion Phase the Representative may cancel the process by redeeming the reserved name. The Representative must ensure that they can provide proof that the Beneficiary requested the redemption of the reserved name. If this is performed, the reserved name will follow the Redemption Process as described above.