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Tips and Considerations for Engaging the Reserved Names List

Below are some tips and considerations that Representatives, Governments, Beneficiaries and the general public should take note of prior to engaging with the RNL.

Tips for Governments

  • Ensure that you have received a Letter of Nomination
  • Attempt to nominate a Representative as quickly as possible so as to start reserving names sooner
  • If the Administrator announces that more than one nomination has been received by your Government, attempt to resolve the matter as soon as possible
  • Engage with your citizens and make them aware of the RNL Process
  • Design a process to properly provide names and information to the Representative
  • Prioritise name applications for the benefit of your country, most importantly local Ecomonic names
  • Submit all applications prior to the Launch Date

Tips for Representatives

  • Ensure that all information is kept up to date
  • Do not apply to reserve a name unless at least 80% of the required information is avaialble. This prevents additional work to retrieve missing information and clogs the 100 reservaton limit
  • Review all submissions prior to application to ensure that required information is available and inline with the RNL requirements
  • Keep a close watch on the RNL list
  • Search for a reserved name prior to applying for it. It is not advised to create a duplicate application for a name that a country has no legitimate reason for reserving
  • Keep Beneficiaries informed as to the status of their applications, reservation periods and needed changes
  • Provide Beneficiaries with the "Tips for Beneficiaries" as detailed below
  • Capture all applicatios prior to the Launch Date
  • Always act in good faith for the Beneficiary of a name reservation

Tips for Beneficiaries

  • Identify your Representative by making use of the RNL Portal
  • Provide all the required information for applications
  • Provide valid and substansive motivation for reserve name applications
  • Keep a personal list of all the names you have reserved
  • Do not be shy to approach your Representative with questions relating to any application or reservation
  • Submit updates to reserved naems in a timely manner
  • Submit Redemption Notices to Representatives in a timely manner so as to avoid reserved names deletion
  • Prior to Redemption, engage to find an Accredited Registrar who suits your administration needs


  • All applications must be submitted before the Launch Date
  • No late applications will be accepted unless the application is for an Offensive name
  • Each Government Authority may reserve up to a maximum of 100 names
  • Governments requiring more than 100 reservations may apply to the Administrator through their Representative
  • Reserved names that are not redeemed by the end of their Reservation Period will be removed from the RNL
  • Names that have been removed from the RNL may not be re-entered in the RNL unless the name is Offensive
  • The Reservation period is a default of 12 months. Extensions to this period may be performed if the application for Extension is done prior to the Reservation Period expiring and sufficient motivation is provided
  • All names that have multiple applications will be forwarded to the AUC Review panel for final decision making
  • Applications for Redemption must be done in a timely manner. If this is not the case and the required information is not provided prior to the end of the Redemption Phase, the reserved name will be deleted from the RNL